How Do I Join?

Joining is easy, but first we always want you to try a class or two on us to see if judo is the sport for you.  Just come out on any judo night and talk to a Sensei.

Once you have made your decision there are 3 easy steps to joining.

  • Fill Out Your Forms

    There are three pages to complete.  The first page is your personal information, health concerns etc. The second page is the Newmarket Budokan Judo Club waiver and the third page is the Judo Ontario waiver.  Please ensure that ALL three pages have been filled in.

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  • Register With Judo Ontario
    Every member of our club is also a member of Judo Ontario.  Judo Ontario membership runs from September 1, 2016 until August 31, 2017.  Every Newmarket Budokan Introductory Membership includes a full membership in Judo Ontario.  Just follow the link below and fill in the registration form.  Once you pay your fees to the Newmarket Budokan Judo Club we will pay your membership to Judo Ontario.

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  • Pay Your Dues
    Paying your dues is easy.  If you would like to pay in person we accept cheques or cash at the judo club.  If you would like to pay by Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal you can do that right here.


  • Get in Contact

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